Our office offers a variety of sedation options for our patients. A patient who experiences fear or anxiety with dental procedures could benefit from the use of conscious sedation.

Nitrous Inhalation: One of the most popular forms of sedation, nitrous inhalation (laughing gas) gives patients the ability to increase/decrease the amount of sedation based on their individual needs. Nitrous inhalation is a safe method of sedation for all ages of patients.

Oral Sedation (minimal sedation): Minimal sedation offers a similar state of relaxation to nitrous, with longer-lasting effects. Due to different tolerances, individuals may experience the effects of minimal sedation to a greater/lesser degree than expected. Medication is taken prior to the appointment and the patient must be driven to/from.

Moderate Sedation (conscious sedation): Moderate sedation is generally used during long appointments such as wisdom teeth extractions and oral surgery appointments. Moderate sedation includes the use of an IV and a variety of medications to bring the patient to a relaxed/drowsy, yet conscious state. The patient must be driven to/from the appointment and have a chaperone for the remainder of the day.