4 Advantages That Patients Experience With a High-Tech Dentist

There are many things to look for when trying to find the best local dentist. You want someone who cares about the patient experience and cares about you as a person. You want a dentist with a clean and welcoming office. You want someone who is thoughtful about the dental treatments they recommend and doesn’t suggest what isn’t necessary. But you also want a high-tech dentist who has tools to screen for oral illnesses, make detailed records, and show patients the conditions of their mouths.

So if you are looking for a new local dentist, search for one who leverages modern technology, providing a faster and more comfortable patient experience. Consider the following advantages that you will experience when you select a high-tech dentist, such as our own Dr. Tyler at Duvall Dental Center.

1. Modern Dental Website

Even today’s dentists need a great website. So make sure that the dentist you choose has a strong online presence. Their site should be informative and include relevant information about the doctor, office location, dental services offered, FAQs, options for requesting an appointment online, helpful educational articles on important dental topics, and more. Make sure that your dentist is also responsive on their Facebook page and offers virtual consultations and online payment options.

2. High-Tech Comfort

With dental technology comes comfort. Digital impressions have replaced those old, gooey impressions of the past. These digital impressions create a  three-dimensional model of your teeth that can be used in both restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments for custom restorations, including veneers, crowns, bridges, partial dentures, and dental implants.

For your most comfortable, efficient, and positive experience from start to finish, Dr. Tyler has fully integrated digital impressions to plan your cosmetic or restorative dentistry treatments. Dr. Tyler also uses The Wand for local anesthesia, which means no more uncomfortable needle pinches. The numbness doesn’t linger quite as long either, so you can get back to your day faster. As an added bonus, the new electric instruments are less noisy too, making for a more pleasant experience in the dental chair.

3. Enhanced Efficiency

Dental technology is also more efficient. When you see a high-tech dentist, you get the advantage of things like 3D printing, which precisely plans complex dental procedures and creates models and guides to aid your dentist in your restorative dentistry. For example, to make your custom restoration or nightguard, your dental team takes a digital impression and imports it into design software known as CAD (computer-aided design). Dr. Tyler then uses this technology to print an accurate and precise model of your mouth, which is used by the dental lab to fabricate everything needed for your dental treatment.

4. Top-Notch Sterilization Techniques

When we visit our dentist every six months, we want to know that they are using the absolute highest standards in sterilization. Firstly, Duvall Dental Center uses only the cleanest water possible during all treatments by using the Sterisil Water System.

In addition, just as with any other high-touch surface, dental instruments must be both cleaned and thoroughly sanitized before they are germ-free and safe for patient use. To ensure the highest standard of instrument cleanliness and safety each and every time, Duvall Dental Center uses the Hydrim Instrument Washer to eliminate the majority of harmful bacteria that could otherwise be dangerous for our patients. Our instruments are then sanitized to kill lingering bacteria. This approach provides your dental team with instruments that are comprehensively sterilized for your healthiest and safest treatment.

Let Duvall Dental Center show you the advantages you can experience with a high-tech dentist.

These advantages help provide you, the patient, with the most important thing of all—the absolute best in preventive dental care. A high-tech dentist can also provide the most comfortable and most beautiful restorative and cosmetic dental options imaginable. So if this is the level of treatment you’re looking for in or around Duvall, Washington, then look no further. Request your appointment with Duvall Dental Center today.