6 Positive Things That Have Come Out of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely changed the way we approach our daily lives. Since March 2020, we have experienced changes we could never have imagined. But now, with progress related to the vaccine, many reports are showing that we’ll see significant declines in reported cases. And though life might not get back to the normal we once had, we may find a new normal that provides a host of unexpected benefits. There have been many benefits to this pandemic lifestyle that we are all living.

Many of us will look back on 2020 and the first half of 2021 as the years we wish to forget. From social distancing to the need to wear a mask to the inability to hug our family and friends as we once did, life has changed. And though it can be easy to sink into the rabbit hole of woe is me, when we think about it, a lot of good has happened.

1. Leaders have learned to trust employees.

Many businesses have found themselves faced with the need to shutter their doors during the pandemic but not necessarily shut down operations. Instead, management teams and employees have banded together to create virtual work environments that are not only productive and successful but enjoyable too.

2. Businesses have learned how to think differently.

Playing off the famous Apple slogan from the late 1990s, many of us have learned to think differently and open our minds to new ideas. And from this pandemic, many businesses have come up with new business models. Restaurants that never offered takeout have figured out how to do so. In many towns, restaurants have created “drive-through dinners” that allow families to pick up family meals without ever getting out of their car and with little to no contact with others.

3. Technology has been embraced in new ways.

Companies worldwide have started using Zoom, GoogleChats, and other technology to have face-to-face meetings so employees can stay connected. At Duvall Dental Center, in particular, we have introduced the concept of virtual dental consultations. These virtual consultations are not only time-friendly but can be highly productive in helping you understand your options for cosmetic and restorative treatments. All you need to do is provide a close-up selfie of your smile and answers to some of our questions. We can then review your photo and goals and meet with you over a video consultation to address your questions and concerns and provide you with a personalized recommendation.

4. Life has slowed down just a bit.

With fewer places to go and fewer things to do safely, it would seem that this could be viewed as a negative. And sure, we all wish we didn’t have to go through this past year. That said, when we sit back and think about it, has everything been bad? For many of us, the pandemic has given us the opportunity to slow down a bit and focus on the essentials. Whether it be spending more quality time with our children, taking time to phone a long lost friend or relative, or having a video conference with friends and family over the holidays, chances are you have had the opportunity to reconnect with people you haven’t talked to in a long time.

5. We have learned who and what matters to us most.

As we shared in the point above, we have reconnected with people we haven’t talked to in a long time. But aside from that, many of us have had a chance to sit back and reflect on what is essential. For many, it might mean that we have taken this extra time at home to get more physically fit. For others, maybe they have tried new recipes and learned how to eat healthier. And yet, for others, perhaps they have put new self-care routines into place to help manage their stress and overall health. Whatever it is you discovered about yourself, you may be able to thank these weird times for those epiphanies.

6. We’ve thought about more than just ourselves.

Perhaps you have read a news story or know of a situation where people thought about the bigger picture during the pandemic. In troubled times, it can be easy to go into despair. But many have found a way to do good for others, whether it be by delivering groceries to senior citizens that were too high-risk to go to the grocery store. Or maybe you donated to a GoFundMe site for a family in need. Stories of people doing good for others have been on a historic rise over the last year, and that’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

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