How Advances in Dental Technology Have Made Dental Implant Surgery Even Better

The world of dentistry is constantly evolving as new technology develops and dentists discover more effective ways of caring for patients’ oral health. Patients directly benefit from these advances, and dental implant surgery is a great example of this.

Dental implants have improved by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. Patients receiving dental implants today can expect to have a low-stress experience with few risks, faster healing, and an overall more comfortable recovery.

Here’s how dental offices like Duvall Dental Center give dental implant patients a great experience by adopting new dental technology and practices.

1. Dental implant candidacy is open to a wider variety of patients.

Today, the range of candidacy for dental implant surgery is far greater than it once was. In most cases, the average adult, without any serious underlying medical conditions, is an automatic candidate. Even if you’ve lost teeth years ago and have experienced some bone loss in your jaw, bone grafts can make it possible to still receive an implant.

If you were turned down for a dental implant in the past, we encourage you to pursue a consultation with Duvall Dental Center. We may have good news for you or be able to find an alternative for your smile makeover.

2. Modern dental implants’ long-term success rate continues to rise.

There is always an inherent risk of a dental implant failing, but we’re very happy to say that this risk has shrunk considerably in recent years. In fact, modern dental implants have a success rate of well over 90%, with 95% to 98% being very realistic for skilled dental teams like Duvall Dental.

The two most important factors for success are choosing a skilled dentist and following through with your dentist’s oral care instructions, especially during the initial implant surgery healing period.

3. Dental imaging technology allows for highly accurate placement.

Proper placement of the implant during surgery is crucial for its long-term success and the comfort of the patient. Dental imaging technology plays an important role in helping dentists get the most accurate placement possible.

Duvall Dental Center uses dental cone beam technology and iTero digital imaging to help map out your smile, find the proper location for an implant, and even fit your permanent dental crown that will form your new tooth.

4. Laser dentistry increases patient comfort and expedites healing.

Laser dentistry is gradually becoming more popular in dental practices across the nation. It not only makes restorative dentistry and cosmetic procedures easier for dentists, but it also directly benefits patients in a few ways.

When laser technology is used in dental implant surgery, it allows for far more precision, resulting in a much more comfortable experience for patients. The implant surgery itself often takes less time than traditional methods, and patients will also notice less swelling, bleeding, and discomfort following the procedure.

5. Patients have more options for custom dental implant prosthetics.

Not only are modern dental implants more beautiful and effective, but there are also more options for how dental implants can be used. A great example of this is the ability to use dental implants in combination with other custom oral prosthetics.

Implant-supported dentures (full or partial) and implant-supported dental bridges are two popular examples of implant versatility. Options like these allow dentists to help patients reach their smile goals in a way that best suits their unique needs.

6. Expanded versatility has made dental implants more affordable.

The enhanced versatility in how dental implants can be used has another benefit for patients. Through the use of implant-supported prosthetics, dentists are able to help patients with smile makeovers or full mouth reconstructions in a way that maintains all of the benefits of dental implants while still remaining financially reasonable.

Rather than placing a large number of individual dental implants, dentists are able to use four, six, or eight dental implants to form anchors on each mouth arch. Patients find this to be far more affordable and are also happier with an easier healing period in comparison to replacing many teeth on an individual basis.

7. Preparation and implant post design accelerate osseointegration.

Osseointegration is the process of your jawbone permanently fusing with the implant post. It’s the most important aspect of a successful dental implant, as incomplete osseointegration results in implant failure. This healing and fusion process occurs naturally, but technology has made it easier for patients to heal.

Your dentist will use the latest preparation technique on the implant site to ensure as snug of an initial fit as possible. The implant post itself is also designed for effective fusion. Your titanium post is shaped almost like a screw. These threads encourage a more quick and efficient fusion than a smooth post.

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