How to gain confidence in your smile.

Your smile is a big part of what makes you you. When you feel confident, proud of, and love your smile, you’re more eager to show it off and share your happiness with those around you.

If you don’t quite feel this confident about your smile, be patient with yourself. You can learn to love your smile and find ways to boost your confidence with these 7 steps.

1. Challenge your ideas on what is a “perfect” smile.

Feeling more confident about your smile starts with self-love and changing your perception of what defines a “perfect” smile.

Comparing the way your smile looks to major social media influencers and actors is, in many ways, unrealistic. Heavy photo editing is often used to enhance smiles, just as it’s used to enhance bodies. When you admire someone’s smile, keep in mind that you don’t know their whole story. They may have undergone years of orthodontic care. Perhaps the smile you see isn’t even their natural teeth, but instead beautiful veneers.

2. Practice smiling to find a signature grin that makes you happy.

Practicing how to smile may seem like an odd thing to do at first, but it’s a very effective way of building self-confidence. Just like with most things in life, if you haven’t mastered something yet, practicing can help you get the results you want.

Look in the mirror or pull out your phone and practice different smiles. Play around with subtle smiles, big toothy grins, and every combination in between. This can be especially helpful if you’ve recently undergone cosmetic dentistry and want to show off your new teeth but are stuck with an old habit of hiding them when you smile.

3. Take pride in following a thorough at-home oral care routine.

Treating your smile with love and care is important, even if your smile doesn’t quite match your smile goals yet. Remember that a beautiful smile begins with achieving optimal oral health first.

Make sure you brush at least twice a day, for two minutes, or after big meals. Floss at least once daily or whenever you feel you might have something stuck. Rinse with a minty mouthwash for a fresh kick afterward.

Most importantly, incorporate things into your routine that make you enjoy caring for your smile. Switch up your toothpaste flavor. Invest in a powered toothbrush or a water flossing system. Start using a tongue scraper before brushing. The more excited you get about caring for your smile, the more confident you’ll feel knowing you have clean teeth and fresh breath.

4. Focus on why you’re smiling rather than how you’re smiling.

Smiling is our way of showing and sharing joy, happiness, excitement, and a plethora of positive emotions. Even if your smile doesn’t quite look like how you want it to yet, try to resist the temptation to hide your smile from others.

People who smile are often viewed as happier and more welcoming and open to others. In fact, studies even show that smiling proudly is directly associated with success in life, particularly in relationships and careers. Hiding your smile can inadvertently hinder your own happiness—so smile big and smile proudly!

5. Remind yourself that there are aspects of your smile others love.

We are often our own worst critics, especially when it comes to attributes about our physical appearance. If you feel unhappy with your smile or the look of your teeth, remember that you’re surrounded by people who love your smile. Even things we consider flaws, like a gap between our front teeth, may very well be considered charming to friends and family.

Be kind to yourself when you feel critical of your smile. Sometimes our quirks or unique features are the same things that set us apart and make us memorable.

6. Brighten your teeth with regular professional whitening sessions.

Professional teeth whitening is a great gift to give yourself if you enjoy the look of a bright but still natural-looking smile.

Many patients are often surprised at what a transformation whitening can give. It doesn’t just make teeth look whiter, it also makes your entire smile look more open and bright.  It’s important to note that professional teeth whitening is the preferred choice over DIY attempts, which could harm your tooth enamel or cause sensitivity issues.

7. Explore cosmetic and restorative care options with your dentist.

If your smile has suffered some wear and tear or you’ve decided it’s time for a smile makeover, a skilled dentist can help. Cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, or a combination of both, can help you get a smile that is not only healthy but also matches your aesthetic goal.

Missing teeth are often a major pain point, but dental implants can remedy the situation permanently. Individually damaged or worn teeth can be covered with dental crowns. Old silver fillings can be replaced with a tooth-colored resin. For the ultimate total smile makeover, porcelain veneers are just the ticket to a whole new smile.

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