Duvall, Washington is a place we’re proud to call home.

Outsiders may view Duvall, Washington as a small, nondescript King County city on the outskirts of Seattle. But as our fellow Duvallites will agree, this town we call home is unique and charming. It is also a fantastic place to raise a family or simply enjoy life.

There are a lot of reasons we love living in Duvall. Here are 8 of our favorites.

1. Niche ranks Duvall as the #1 best suburb to buy a house in the Seattle area and the 3rd best suburb to live in Washington.

According to Niche.com, Duvall comes in as the #1 best suburb to buy a home in the Seattle area and #3 for all of Washington state. Niche has also given Duvall an A rating. Data and statistics from the Census as well as real reviews from locals contribute to this rating.  Duvall`s fantastic public schools, wealth of jobs, healthy economy, and very low crime rate are also factors.

2. Duvall offers the warmth and neighborliness of a small town while still being a short distance from the hubbub of Seattle.

Seattle is Washington’s most iconic city and well-known for its ever-growing tech industry. However, not everyone wants metropolitan life for their family.

Duvall is a suburb of Seattle and offers a golden opportunity for families who rely on Seattle for work or recreation. Duvall is only about a 35-minute drive to the heart of Seattle, yet life within our city very much has a small-town feel. Our convenient location makes it possible to raise your family in a welcoming, slow-paced atmosphere without sacrificing the job opportunities of a nearby metro.

3. The Duvall Days Annual Festival has been kicking off the season of summer fun for 60 years.

The Duvall Days Festival takes place on the first of June every year and is a celebration of small-town living. It kicks off with the Grand Parade down Main Street.  Art demonstrations, petting zoos, local vendors, contents, live music, and more follow. Don’t forget to stick around for the fireworks show that night.

2020 marks what would have been the 60th annual Duvall Days Festival. Although the COVID-19 pandemic led to this beloved festival being canceled this year, this event is still a reason why Duvall is such a wonderful community to call home.

4. Our local farmers’ markets help Duvall families bring wholesome food to their tables while supporting important local businesses.

Duvall is very community-focused, and that includes doing what we can to support our local farmers. Our town is home to regular farmers’ markets during the growing season. Vendors at the markets offer a little bit of everything, including fresh produce, coffee, baked goods, wine, and even fresh-cut flowers.

Aside from being a source of delicious food, our farmers’ markets are an important social function for bringing everyone in our community closer together in spirit.

5. The Cherry Creek Falls Trail is an iconic place for locals to explore and cool off after an afternoon of hiking.

The town of Duvall is surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and many locals spend a significant amount of time enjoying the outdoors. One of our local favorites is the Cherry Creek Falls Trail, located within the Markworth State Forest. Not only will you be enveloped by stunning old-growth trees during this hike, but your reward at the end is seeing the 25-foot falls and taking a dip to cool down.

The trail to the Falls is fairly flat and is about a 5-mile round trip. Visiting in summer is best if you’d like to get in the water, but you can also come back in early fall to catch the salmon spawning season.

6. Duvall is located within an hour’s drive of two renowned ski resorts.

Outdoor doesn’t stop when winter rolls around! Duvall is located right between two major ski resorts—the Summit at Snoqualmie and Stevens Pass. Best of all, you can drive to either location in just under an hour.

The Summit is dedicated to Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and snow tubing. Stevens Pass is open year-round. It offers skiing and snowboarding in winter. Summer activities include mountain biking, hiking, and disc golf. Stevens Pass also offers RV camping if you’re looking for a weekend trip with your family.

7. The Snoqualmie Valley Trail is the perfect way to explore Duvall and surrounding regions by foot, bike, or horse.

The Snoqualmie Valley Trail begins in Duvall and winds through Carnation, Fall City, Snoqualmie, and North Bend. It’s 31.5 miles in total and can be explored by hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding (no motorized vehicles allowed).

Every kind of nature lover will appreciate this trail. Birders especially will be thrilled at the sheer variety of species, particularly along the marshy area. It’s a lot of fun to take along some field guides and see how many wildlife and native plant species you can find on your hike.

8. Our community is always looking for ways to grow Duvall, such as the construction of the new Community Arts Center.

We never want to lose our small-town charm, but our community is also dedicated to keeping Duvall growing by creating new opportunities for our local families.

The Duvall Foundation of Arts is an important local organization and is currently in the process of building the new Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center. This new center will primarily focus on bringing more art and art education to Duvall.  It will also be open for other public and private events.

Stay-at-home orders may be active in Duvall, but we can take this time to make plans for our family’s next local adventure.

Washington is still under statewide stay-at-home orders. Right now it’s important for Duvall families to continue practicing social distancing and avoiding public spaces unless necessary. One safe out-of-doors option is taking walks around your neighborhood. However, many of our favorite location destinations, such as King Country state parks, are closed.

While patiently waiting for our favorite places to reopen, we encourage our fellow Duvall families to take advantage of this down-time to make plans for future adventures.  Let’s continue supporting our local Duvall businesses in any way we can.