While some habits are worse for your health than others, none are easy to quit.

The struggle is real for all of us! That’s why we need to help each other and lend support and encouragement to adopt healthy behaviors that promote better oral and overall health.

Your friends at Duvall Dental Center want today’s blog to serve as inspiration if you have a bad habit that could be harming your teeth!

3 Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Healthy Smile

We’re not here to judge anyone! We all have bad habits, right?

What we are here to do is help by keeping you informed about the kind of behaviors that pose unique risks to your oral health and give you the support you need to overcome these bad habits for a stronger, healthier smile!


There’s nothing wrong with having a sweet tooth.

The problems come when you overindulge your sweet tooth!

Consuming too much sugar isn’t just bad for your health overall, but it’s especially harmful to your teeth and gums. That’s because bad bacteria in your mouth loves sugar more than you do and will chow down on it happily whenever possible.

The more you feed that bacteria, the more plaque and acids it will generate in your mouth that eat through your teeth, leading to cavities and gum disease.


Biting or chewing your nails is a common nervous habit many people have, and you might see the effects right out in the open. Your nails may be too short, and your cuticles may be dry, red, and cracked.

But the real problem is what biting your nails is doing to your teeth!

You may not realize it, but constantly biting down or chewing on your nails is enough to move your teeth out of position, possibly wear them down, or even damage your tooth enamel.

In fact, chewing on anything hard, such as pens, pencils, and ice cubes, is risky to your dental health. That’s why it’s important to only use your teeth for what they’re designed for, which is to tear and chew your food!


You may practice this bad habit without even realizing it.

In fact, you might actually think you’re doing a good thing!

If you use a hard-bristle toothbrush and are scrubbing rather aggressively thinking you’re getting your teeth extra clean as a result, you couldn’t be more wrong!

The American Dental Association recommends using a soft-bristle toothbrush and moving it in gentle, circular motions to clean your teeth. Brushing too hard with harsh bristles can easily damage your tooth enamel over time.

This will weaken your tooth enamel, making it more vulnerable to acidic foods and drinks. What’s worse is that even microscopic fractures on your teeth can allow bacteria in, which leads to decay, cavities, and infections.

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Here, we will monitor your oral health and make sure to intervene when we spot signs of trouble or are concerned about habits you might have that are threatening your teeth.

We’re here to help!

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