A Summer Dental Emergency Prevention Guide [BLOG]

No one should have their summer fun disrupted by a dental emergency! That’s why your friends at Duvall Dental Center are making sure you have some helpful tips on preventing dental mishaps and that you know to count on us for emergency dental care when they happen anyway. We’re here to help in any way we can when you experience dental pain or injuries that affect your teeth so you can get ...

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Should I Try Dental Sedation This Summer? [QUIZ]

Does thinking about all the upcoming events you have planned this summer fill you with anxiety about your unhealthy, imperfect smile? Then take today’s quiz to see if you should try dental sedation to help ease your fears about visiting the dentist! Dr. Tyler and our team at Duvall Dental Center will go out of our way to make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and supported. We offer three ...

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Hear Why Dental Veneers Are Patients’ Top Smile Solution! [VIDEO]

Dental veneers are more than just a cosmetic fix for your smile. In today’s video, you’ll hear Dr. Tyler explain how veneers can be life-altering for our Duvall, WA patients and what they can do to improve your quality of life! To start feeling great about your smile and pursuing the life you deserve, visit us for a cosmetic consultation to see if veneers are the right solution for ...

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2 Reasons To Visit The Dentist This Summer! [BLOG]

Summer is almost here, and if you’re like most people, you have plenty to keep you busy. From sporting events to graduation parties to weddings to casual neighborhood cookouts, our team at Duvall Dental Center can help make sure you keep smiling through it all! 2 Dental Solutions For Your Summer Smile You may not have any pressing dental problems at the moment, and that’s great! But ...

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Is ClearCorrect Right For You? [QUIZ]

If you’re an adult with crooked teeth, you might feel hopeless about ever having a straight, beautiful smile. Who wants to wear metal braces at this point in life? With ClearCorrect at Duvall Dental Center, you don’t have to! Take today’s quiz to see if this clear aligner therapy could work for you. If so, you could have the smile you’ve always wanted by this time next year ...

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Get The Smile You Deserve With Dental Veneers! [BLOG]

We tolerate and accept what we think we deserve. It’s true in all areas of our lives, sadly. You might stay in a dead end job that you hate or a toxic relationship that makes you unhappy simply because you won’t let yourself imagine something better for yourself. You might do the same thing with your smile. There are other, more important things to worry about than your ...

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How To Reduce Your Risk For Oral Cancer [INFOGRAPHIC]

You might assume that your dental cleanings and exams are just about removing plaque and tartar from your mouth and checking for cavities or gum disease. But there’s another threat to your health that makes these twice-annual appointments so important. Our team at Duvall Dental Center will also screen for oral cancer to make sure your mouth is healthy! We can also offer helpful tips, ...

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Get Your Mouthguard From Our Experienced Duvall Dentist! [VIDEO]

When it comes to protecting your athlete’s smile this spring, they need the best protection available. But that can’t be found just anywhere. It needs to come from a custom mouthguard from your experienced Duvall, WA dentist! Hear Dr. Tyler explain the value of a professionally-made mouthguard. Spoiler alert - they’re not just for athletes! Get your mouthguard today! Call ...

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Renew Your Oral Health This Spring With Dental Sedation! [BLOG]

Nobody wakes up one day and decides they’d love nothing more than to have weak, decayed teeth and unhealthy gums. You don’t choose to have a mouth full of painful, unsightly dental problems and an unattractive smile. These things develop over time, and in many cases, they all start with fear. Millions of adults suffer from dental anxiety, which is a powerful fear of going to the ...

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Do You Need Relief From TMJ Pain? [QUIZ]

Trying to enjoy a night out with friends, to concentrate at work, or to simply get through your day’s hectic schedule with chronic pain is no way to live. Frequent headaches or worn-down teeth could be signs of TMJ disorder, but the symptoms are more far-reaching than that. Your friends at Duvall Dental Center can provide a solution to your painful TMJ problems with a custom mouthguard. ...

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