5 Ways Your Duvall Dentist Can Help Your Smile This Year! [LIST]

Before January comes to an end, your friends at Duvall Dental Center want to inspire you to visit Dr. Tyler and our team now! To live your best life in 2020, you need good oral health and a beautiful smile you can feel proud to show off at your special events this year. So here are 5 ways your Duvall dentist can help you make that happen: We can clean and examine your mouth so you ...

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Get A Healthy Smile With Duvall Dental Implants! [VIDEO]

If you’ve made a resolution to get healthy this year, then make sure you start with your mouth. Missing teeth, and how you choose to replace them, play an important role in your oral and overall health, as well as your quality of life. Here’s Dr. Tyler talking about the special feature of dental implants and why they’re a superior choice in tooth replacement! Make 2020 a great year ...

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The Gift Of Gum Disease Treatment [VIDEO]

Protecting your teeth has to begin with protecting your gums. That’s because gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss, and preventing it really does require a team effort between you and your Duvall dentist, Dr. Tyler! Listen to today’s video message, where Dr. Tyler explains our approach to helping patients overcome gum disease and how we work with you to build a healthier ...

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You Deserve An Expert Dentist Who Cares [VIDEO]

It’s not often you hear someone say how much they enjoy going to the dentist. But that’s exactly what you’ll hear from Don in today’s video! Listen to all the reasons he trusts his oral health to Dr. Tyler and our team in Duvall, WA. Choose an expert dentist who truly cares about your health and happiness. It’s the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season! To ...

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Don’t Let These Holiday Treats Stain Your Smile! [INFOGRAPHIC]

You don’t have to restrict your diet this time of year, but you don’t have to let all your favorite holiday foods and drinks hurt your teeth, either! Check out today’s infographic to get a better idea of the kinds of treats that can dull your smile. As long as you practice moderation and keep up with your daily oral hygiene routine, you can get through the holidays with a smile that’s ...

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National Flossing Day Is Worth Celebrating! [BLOG]

The day after Thanksgiving isn’t just the biggest shopping day of the year, yet Black Friday is where everyone’s attention is razor focused. What doesn’t get as much attention is that it’s also National Flossing Day, and your friends at Duvall Dental Center want you to know why it’s worth celebrating! Why National Flossing Day Is Worth Celebrating Here’s a deeper look at the ...

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Will Restorative Dentistry Improve My Smile? [QUIZ]

Thanksgiving is almost here, and the holiday season is right on its tail. That means any dental problems you have need to be taken care of so you can focus on enjoying all the festivities. Take our quiz to see if restorative dentistry with Dr. Tyler could improve your oral function, health, and your smile for the upcoming holidays. We’re happy to help! Call Duvall Dental Center ...

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We Rebuild Smiles With Dental Bridges! [VIDEO]

When his sleepwalking resulted in a nasty fall down the stairs, Dan had broken nearly all the bones in his face and damaged a few teeth. After researching several local dentists, Dan put his trust in Duvall dentist, Dr. Tyler. Listen to this remarkable story about how we used a dental bridge to rebuild Dan’s smile! Don’t be discouraged by broken or missing teeth. We can help! Call ...

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You Don’t Have To Be Haunted By Dental Fear! [BLOG]

Sweaty palms, heart palpitations, and butterflies in your stomach. Are you standing in line at a haunted house on an October night? No. It’s worse. You’re about to leave for your dentist appointment! If going to the dentist is a nightmare for you, let our friendly team at Duvall Dental Center help change the way you experience appointments and get you back in control of your oral ...

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How Can You Get Through Halloween Without A Cavity? [QUIZ]

It’s one thing to know sugar is bad for your teeth, but it’s quite another to practice moderation around Halloween! Whether you have young kids at home or not, candy will be in your face, taunting you from the bowl on the kitchen counter and from the check-out lanes at the grocery store. If you give in to your sweet tooth and consume a little more sugar than usual this month, do you ...

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