An imperfect smile doesn’t have to get you down. At Duvall Dental Center, we offer our patients many types of cosmetic dentistry. One of the most popular of these is veneers. If you need to repair your flawed smile in a hurry, veneers are a great way to do it. Dental veneers in Duvall can:

  • Deliver you a completely new look in as little as two visits.
  • Improve your self-esteem.
  • Boost your confidence to show others a wide, authentic smile.
  • Make social and dating situations more comfortable and relaxed.

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Choose from these types of veneers

There are many types of patients who come to Dr. Tyler in search of new smiles. That’s why we offer not just one or two kinds of cosmetic treatments, but five! Depending on your needs and desires, one of these will stand out as the best choice for your smile. Since everyone’s mouth is different, we’ll help you decide which cosmetic option fits you during your consultation.

All of these cosmetic treatments have a place in creating a beautiful smile, and you can trust Dr. Tyler and our team to create the best plan for you.

  • Prepless Veneers – Standard veneers require that we prepare your tooth by removing some of the enamel to make room for the veneer. Prepless veneers, on the other hand, are so thin that very little if any tooth preparation is required.
  • IPS e.max Veneers – These beautiful veneers are crafted from a pressed ceramic/glass mixture. Although they are super thin and require minimal tooth preparation, they are also strong and durable. You will have your choice of several shades and translucencies to design the exact look you want.
  • Crowneers – A crowneer is a cross between a traditional crown and an e.max veneer. These beautiful restorations can be used in many situations where the enamel of the tooth structure has been damaged through previous fillings or tooth decay. It is much less invasive than a traditional crown, while more durable than a traditional e.max veneer on damaged teeth.
  • Crowns – We try to use the least invasive approach possible to create your ideal smile, but sometimes the only option available is to utilize a traditional crown. While it is the most invasive option, this is often our only choice remaining to establish a beautiful smile for patients with severely damaged teeth.
  • Composite Bonding – Unlike veneers, we can perform composite bonding right in our office. Composite will be strong and natural-looking and is a great option to repair small imperfections in otherwise beautiful teeth.

No matter which option you choose, you can be confident we will do everything possible to ensure the esthetics and longevity of your smile makeover. Utilizing state of the art adhesives, in combination with an air abrasion technique, we do everything in our power to maintain your investment in your smile.

Dental veneers in Duvall are a quick path to a rejuvenated smile. Call us today to schedule your consultation: (425) 788-2626.