To live a long and healthy life—and to save yourself some medical bills—it’s essential to take care of your body. Just as you take care of your heart (by doing a few cardio sessions per week), your muscles (by doing resistance training), your hair and skin (by having a skin-care routine), your oral health should be on the same tier of importance.

Unfortunately, accidents happen when we least expect them. At times, we’re to blame for not paying attention to our oral hygiene. Some of us have a sweet tooth, others neglected to wear a mouthguard while playing contact sports, some of us are smokers, and others didn’t take brushing their teeth seriously. Yet, more often than not, these things just happen. Just plain old misfortune (accidents/genetics) coupled with the natural process of aging.

Thankfully, today’s dental technology has a solution for every tooth trauma. If you’ve suffered extensive dental injury, your dentist may recommend a full arch rehabilitation.

What is a full-arch rehabilitation?

A full arch rehabilitation, also known as a full-arch restoration, is an advanced technological innovation used by dental practices to restore an entire arch of teeth using dental implants.

One of the technologies used for full-arch rehabilitation is Hybridge implants. These implants use a fixed denture secured using five to six dental implants. Your dentist will use specialized placement techniques to ensure your denture is fully supported (no slipping!) to allow you to eat, speak, and chew without pain or worry.

Upper Hybridge Full Arch Dental Implant Restoration

In this procedure, your dentist will remove any remaining teeth in your upper jaw and fit you with a temporary prosthetic while your jaw bone recovers from the procedure. After about 11 weeks, your mouth and jaw has healed enough for you to be ready to receive your new implants.

Lower Hybridge Full Arch Dental Implant Restoration

A lower Hybridge full arch dental implant restoration is a bit bit less complicated than an upper arch procedure. The process of teeth extraction and dental implant placement can both be achieved in the same appointment. You will be provided with temporary Hybridge teeth at the end of the appointment until you are ready for your permanent prosthetics. The time stamp on this operation is five weeks, give or take.

Who is a candidate for a full arch rehabilitation?

There are multiple factors your dentist will take into consideration before recommending a full arch restoration. Some of the conditions that may make you an ideal candidate for a full arch restoration include individuals with the following:

  • Missing multiple teeth or all of your teeth.
  • Severely damaged teeth.
  • Jaw bone loss to the point where conventional dentures are no longer an option.

This procedure is also ideal for people who are looking for a long-lasting and dependable alternative to other options, such as removable dentures.

How safe is full arch rehabilitation?

The success rate of a procedure is usually measured by looking at both the health and functionality of the implants over a 10-year period. Hybridge implants have a success rate of over 95%. That being said, maintenance is a must in order for the implants to last a lifetime, and this includes:

  • Regular check-ups (every four to six months).
  • No chewing on hard food.
  • Using the provided night guard to prevent teeth grinding (bruxism).

Will I be put to sleep for full arch rehabilitation?

Yes. Receiving a dental implant is a surgical procedure and requires the use of anesthesia to ensure your comfort. Your dentist will discuss your anesthesia options with you to ensure the safest and most comfortable treatment plan for your individual needs.

How long does full arch rehabilitation take?

A full arch reconstruction can take anywhere between three and 16 weeks to complete. The factors playing a role in determining the treatment period are your:

  • Bone health.
  • Whether the upper or lower arch (or both) is being treated.
  • The presence of any dental infections.
  • The number of teeth to be worked on.

How much does full arch rehabilitation cost?

The cost for this procedure will vary for each individual depending on the amount of work that has to be done and the current health of their teeth. Both factors play a role in determining the length of the process and affect the treatment cost. Your dentist will be able to give you a cost estimate during your first appointment.

It’s important to check with your insurance whether your dental implants are covered. Medicaid, Medicare, and medical insurance do not cover Hybridge treatments.

Do I have other options?

Hybridge implants are not for everyone. Thankfully, modern dental technology offers a range of alternative options for replacing missing teeth, depending on the health of your teeth and jaw.

Other Types of Dental implants

To replace a full arch, dental implants require a minimum of four implants to support the lower arch and six to support the upper one. Implants are stronger, better-fitting, and feel more natural than regular dentures. The success rate is well above 95%. Implants are not a quick fix though, as there are required recovery periods between stages.


Dentures have been used for centuries. They’re more cost-effective in the short term and can average between $1000 to $8000, depending on the type of material and the skill of the professional taking care of your teeth. Dentures do require regular maintenance to ensure they fit well and function as needed. They also lack the jaw bone stimulation that implants provide and wearers may experience some long-term bone loss.


Bridges are a good alternative if you are looking for a non-surgical option. A dental bridge uses a prosthetic to “bridge” the gap of multiple missing teeth. The bridge is attached to healthy teeth on either side of the gap.

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