Do you have a love/hate relationship with your smile?

It’s pretty typical of the patients we see at Duvall Dental Center who come to see Dr. Tyler about our cosmetic dentistry services.

Like most, you may not dislike everything about the way your teeth and gums look, but what you do feel insecure about can be embarrassing enough to make you want to hide your smile entirely.

For that reason, we’re proud to offer the full spectrum of cosmetic dental solutions for you to choose from so that you can make the specific changes needed to love your smile when your treatment is over.

Change Things Up With Cosmetic Dentistry!

To correct visible flaws with your teeth and gums, we offer several cosmetic dental treatments, including:

So which one is right for you? Fortunately, you don’t have to make that decision on your own!

We’re here to help you pick the solution that will suit your oral health needs, smile goals, and your budget!

Think About The Changes You’d Make

Here are some of the most common smile features our patients want to change when they first visit Dr. Tyler for a cosmetic consultation:


Depending on the severity and the cause of your dental stains, Dr. Tyler can lighten the color of your teeth with simple treatment like teeth whitening or with custom veneers that can not only be perfectly-matched to your desired shade, but also resist stains for years!


We can alter the shape of your teeth to smooth rough edges or contour edges that appear too severely pointed or rounded. Tooth bonding, crowns, veneers, and tooth contouring can all make your teeth look more even and attractive. It’s just a matter of choosing the treatment that suits you best!


You don’t always have to rely on orthodontics to make all your teeth look straight and nicely-aligned. With custom veneers or tooth bonding, you can cover up small gaps between teeth and teeth that appear slightly crooked, giving the illusion that you’ve worn braces.


Your teeth might look too short or too small. That’s probably because you have excess gum tissue covering the white part of your teeth.

We use an advanced radiosurgical device to remove that extra tissue and expose more of the tooth, which can dramatically improve your smile and even make room for other cosmetic enhancements like crowns or veneers!

Take The First Step!

Change is a good thing, or so they say.

That may not be true in every case, but it’s certainly what our cosmetic dentistry patients in Duvall, WA have come to know firsthand.

With help from Dr. Tyler and our experienced team, you’ll be able to alter your teeth and gums into a radiant smile you’ll love, and that’s something to celebrate!

So take the first step and call Duvall Dental Center today at (425) 788-2626 or fill out our online form to schedule your cosmetic consultation.