What To Expect With a Full-Arch Replacement

A full arch restoration is a restorative dentistry plan that replaces a complete arch of missing teeth on the upper or lower jaw. Full arch replacements are best for individuals who have experienced extensive or complete tooth loss from decay or periodontitis (gum disease).

Modern full arch replacements are more beautiful and natural in appearance than they’ve ever been before. And thanks to advancements in dental implant technology, you now have a superior alternative to traditional dentures.

A common question Dr. Tyler gets from patients who undergo a full arch replacement: “How long until my new smile is done?” For many people, their full arch restoration is the most-involved dental treatment they’ve had. This combined with the excitement of new teeth and restored oral health on the horizon can certainly leave you feeling eager to see the finished result!

So how long will your full arch replacement take? The answer isn’t as simple as a specific number of months. Dr. Tyler designs and customizes each patient’s treatment plan, deciding whether a preliminary bone graft is necessary and how many implants they need. These variances make each patient’s timeline unique.

With that being said, nearly all full arch replacements have the same number of steps. The typical full arch replacement is broken down into these five steps.

Step 1: Consultation

The first step to every full arch replacement is the consultation. Dr. Tyler performs an in-depth evaluation of your smile, paying close attention to your jaw structure and current oral health.

Dr. Tyler also evaluates your overall health. Dental implant surgery is more involved than other restorative procedures. For this reason, it’s important that you’re in good health without any uncontrolled health conditions that could impact healing.

Step 2: Imaging

If Dr. Tyler determines you’re a candidate for dental implant surgery, the next step is imaging.

Dr. Tyler takes a few basic digital X-rays during your consultation, but this next step involves more in-depth imaging to prepare for dental implant surgery as well as the creation of your prosthetic.

In addition to digital X-rays, you’ll also have a CBCT scan. This uses cone-beam tomography to capture a panoramic 3D X-ray of your jaw structure. A CBCT scan only takes about 30 seconds per image.

Dr. Tyler will also take impressions of your mouth in order to begin the creation of the denture that will complete your full arch replacement. Don’t worry, you won’t have a mouth full of putty! Duvall Dental Center takes digital impressions, which capture a more detailed, digital mold of your mouth while keeping you far more comfortable.

Step 3: Placement

The next major step is the placement of your dental implants. You may have a bone graft first if you don’t have sufficient jaw density. This way there is adequate support for the implants.

You are fully numb and usually under some level of sedation to keep you comfortable and stress-free during the surgery. Dr. Tyler will expertly place each dental implant into your jaw to provide maximum support for your future prosthetic. Each arch usually requires between four and eight implants.

After surgery, your dental implants will take roughly four to six months to fuse with your jawbone. However, you won’t be without teeth during that time.

Step 4: Temporary Prosthetics

Dr. Tyler will provide you with a temporary denture to wear following the placement of your dental implants. The temporary denture won’t be as perfect as your future permanent one, but it will allow you to smile, eat, and feel comfortable while your dental implants are healing and your permanent denture is being made.

Step 5: Permanent Prosthetics

The final and most exciting step is your permanent-prosthetics appointment. Once we receive your permanent denture, which typically takes only a few weeks, Dr. Tyler brings you in for a fitting and placement. He removes your temporary, places your permanent, and does a little fine-tuning to ensure the fit is comfortable and secure.

During this appointment, you also learn more about how your specific implant-supported denture works and how to take care of it. If needed, we also provide helpful information regarding diet and food recommendations.

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