Sorting Fact From Fiction About Your Smile Makeover

A recent report found that by age 50, Americans lose an average of 12 teeth. This tooth loss typically results from untreated cavities or periodontal disease.

After losing a tooth, many people feel self-conscious about their smile. They may begin to cover or close their mouths when they smile and this can actually begin to affect their self-esteem. Fortunately, there are plenty of restorative procedures that can give you a smile makeover and replace your missing teeth.

More and more dentists are recommending dental implants and dental crowns to address damaged or missing teeth. At Duvall Dental Center, we’re big proponents of restorative dentistry.

We often find that our patients are more familiar with myths about these restorative procedures than they are with the facts. Read on as we dispel some of the most common myths about dental implants and dental crowns.

What Are Dental Implants and Dental Crowns?

Tooth loss can cause more trouble than just altering your smile. It can make it difficult to chew, alter the structure of your face, and cause neighboring teeth to shift. Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent this from happening! A modern dental implant is the closest thing to a natural tooth possible—and they’re becoming more and more like nature’s teeth every day.

Once a tooth has fallen out or needs to be removed, you’re left with an exposed pocket in your gums that once held that tooth in place. The dental implant is a surgical component that replaces the natural roots of your teeth. Dental implants bond with your jawbone in order to hold your dental crown or bridge in place.

Dental crowns are used to cover or repair damaged or bad teeth. They can also be affixed to dental implants if the tooth in question is gone or severely damaged. Dental crowns are fixed prosthetic tooth replacements that are not removable (unlike dentures).

Myths About Dental Implants and Dental Crowns

Now that we’ve discussed what dental implants and crowns are, let’s take a look at some of the common myths you may have heard. Our goal is to address them while also providing you with factual information about these prosthetic replacements and procedures.

1. Implants and crowns are invasive and painful.

When you hear that something is going to be “screwed into” your jaw, it’s understandable to cringe. It sounds both painful and invasive. The reality is that we’ve come a long way with this procedure to ensure minimal pain and discomfort for our patients.

During the dental implant procedure, we use local anesthesia and sedatives to eliminate feelings of discomfort. The procedure takes about one hour.

When it comes to dental crowns, keep in mind that crowns are put in place to erase pain. Dental crowns will not create additional pain and will stop the problem tooth from causing trouble.

2. Recovery is long.

When we talk about recovery, we mean two things. The first is the period of time where you’ll experience sensitivity and have to practice precaution. The second is the length of time it takes for the body to fully heal from the procedure.

After receiving a dental implant, you may feel some sensitivity for a few days. While it can take a few months for the titanium device to bond to the jaw and surrounding gum, you will not be in pain or discomfort this entire time. Most patients can resume their normal habits within a few short days of their dental implant procedures.

As far as dental crowns go, recovery time is incredibly short. That’s why we like to call it the same day smile procedure! Some patients may experience minor sensitivity to heat and cold, but this dissipates within a week or less.

3. Care is a hassle.

You may remember the days when dentures were some of the only restorative options. They were to be removed at night, cleaned, and sometimes even kept in a cleaning solution.

Unlike dentures, dental implants and crowns are not removable. Instead, you treat them just like your regular teeth. All you need to do is brush and floss twice a day to keep them clean.

In fact, in some ways, dental crowns are easier to care for than real teeth! They can’t develop cavities the way regular teeth can and are used to repair and protect teeth from more severe damage than fillings can cover. As long as you care for them like real teeth, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever experience real problems with your dental crowns and dental implants.

4. They look fake.

Is it possible for dentists to create a dental crown that actually matches the rest of your teeth? The answer is yes.

Our dentists work hard to ensure that your dental crown doesn’t stand out from the rest of your teeth. We take into account everything from color to alignment before customizing your dental crown.

Most of our patients come to realize that they can’t tell the difference between their crown and the rest of their teeth. Friends and family may notice an improvement but won’t be able to identify your dental crown unless you point it out to them!

5. You can’t restore all of your teeth.

So far, we’ve mostly spoken of quick procedures for one or two teeth. But what about full mouth reconstruction?

At Duvall Dental Center, we use a variety of methods and treatments to improve your entire smile. Take a look at our full mouth reconstruction options.

Brighten Your Smile Today

Now that you’ve learned about the truth behind these dental crown and dental implant myths, are you ready to get the smile you deserve? We’re ready to help!

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