The day after Thanksgiving isn’t just the biggest shopping day of the year, yet Black Friday is where everyone’s attention is razor focused.

What doesn’t get as much attention is that it’s also National Flossing Day, and your friends at Duvall Dental Center want you to know why it’s worth celebrating!

Why National Flossing Day Is Worth Celebrating

Here’s a deeper look at the importance of flossing every single day and the role it plays in a healthy, proactive approach to your dental care:


Gum disease is the biggest threat to your oral and overall health. One of the reasons for that is that it leads among all other causes of adult tooth loss.

Losing a tooth isn’t an isolated event. It’s a process of deterioration that begins in the empty space left behind, destroying your jawbone and gum tissues. Without treatment, the destructive process continues to eat away at all the supporting structures of your mouth.

If the gum disease infection gets into your bloodstream, then you have a serious problem with your overall health to worry about.

This is why flossing is such a crucial step in your daily oral hygiene routine. It gets all the food particles out from those tiny crevices between your teeth so that harmful bacteria has nothing to fuel itself.

When you commit to flossing once a day, as the American Dental Association recommends, you’re giving yourself a better chance of preventing the spread of bacteria that causes gum disease infection.


Dental floss comes in several forms now, so you’re not limited to that long string. This is great news for people who struggle with dexterity challenges and have a tough time wrapping a string of floss around their fingers to clean their teeth.

Young children who are just learning to take good care of their teeth and gums and trying to get the hang of proper brushing and flossing techniques come to mind. They may not have the control just yet to use standard dental floss, but they can start out with those handy plastic flossers!

You can find them in the dental care aisle of the drugstore in all different colors so kids can pick out the kind they like. It’s another way you can give them ownership of their daily oral hygiene routine and to make it seem more fun.

Older folks who may have arthritis are at a higher risk for gum disease because they have a harder time flossing as well. This is another group who could benefit from using plastic flossers or waterpiks so that dexterity challenges don’t stand in the way of good daily oral hygiene.

The point is, there is more than one way to floss, and you can choose the easiest method that helps you keep your mouth clean and improve your chances for preventing gum disease and tooth loss.

Learn More About Good Oral Hygiene!

Your smile and your dental health are just as important to us as they are to you.

That’s why we want to remind you about the critical steps you take each day with your routine brushing and flossing and why it matters. We also want to share with you our best oral hygiene tips at your next dental cleaning and exam so you have a healthy smile heading into the holiday season!

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