Nobody wakes up one day and decides they’d love nothing more than to have weak, decayed teeth and unhealthy gums. You don’t choose to have a mouth full of painful, unsightly dental problems and an unattractive smile.

These things develop over time, and in many cases, they all start with fear.

Millions of adults suffer from dental anxiety, which is a powerful fear of going to the dentist.

This creates a huge problem for your oral health because, despite what you might think, you can’t keep your mouth healthy on your own. It takes more than daily brushing and flossing.

Worse, some of the most dangerous oral health problems are so insidious, like gum disease, that you won’t be able to spot them until they’ve already advanced and caused irreversible damage.

That’s why it’s recommended that you get dental cleanings and exams about twice a year! Only a professional hygienist has the training and tools to clean plaque off of your teeth, or the technology to detect things like tooth decay and oral infection.

Because fear is not only common, but also a serious threat to your oral and overall health, our team at Duvall Dental Center in Washington has gone the extra mile to make sure our patients never have to let it stand in the way of a healthy, beautiful smile!

Renew Your Oral Health With Dental Sedation!

You can overcome your dental anxiety and renew your oral health with our patient-centered, stress-free approach to dental care.

The first part is choosing the right type of dental sedation to suit your individual needs. Our Duvall dentists are extensively trained so that we can provide all three methods of sedation, each designed to calm your nerves, ease your mind, and relax your body so that you can get the proper anesthetic and dental treatment you need without fear, stress, or pain.


You might be among the millions of people who may not be so terrified of the dentist that you just don’t go, but you feel nervous for days or weeks leading up to your appointment, and pretty uncomfortable and anxious throughout it.

Inhaled or oral sedation would likely be the most appropriate form of relaxation. It all depends on the kind of procedure you need and how anxious you feel.

Laughing gas is great if you just need to take the edge off, and oral sedation provides a stronger effect if you have a longer treatment plan in place and need more help feeling calm and relaxed.


In some cases, there are too many forces at work to rely on inhaled or oral sedation.

They usually involve a combination of factors, like a patient with moderate to severe dental anxiety who happens to need multiple treatments or a longer, more complex or invasive procedure to restore their teeth and gums.

This would be the kind of scenario where we might suggest IV sedation, the strongest form that puts you in a sleeplike state and unable to recall your treatment after it’s over.


Along with sedation, you’ll find a compassionate staff ready to cater to your comfort needs so your overall experience is stress-free and relaxing. You can take in a tranquil view of the valley from several of our operatories, as well as other amenities like:

*A kid-friendly reception area with plenty of room for them to play or draw

*A refreshment station where you can enjoy a complimentary beverage

*Blankets so you can stay warm and cozy during treatment

*Comfortably-paced appointments so you get as much time as you need to relax

Our caring team understands how hard it is for some patients to feel calm and comfortable at the dentist office, and we have years of experience helping them overcome anxiety and reclaim their oral health.

Give It A Try!

Are you ashamed of how far you’ve let your oral health deteriorate?

Do you feel like your dental problems are just too far gone to do anything about it now?

If the answers to these questions are yes, we hope you’ve found a silver lining from today’s blog.

Dental fear is real, and it’s an overwhelming problem for millions of people.

Smart, strong, capable people just like you who, for one reason or another, can’t get past their fears and get the regular dental care they need to maintain good oral health.

But just like all the other countless patients we’ve helped over the years get beyond their fears and anxieties about dentistry, we can help you, too!

Spring is a time for renewal, a time when nature comes alive, and all the shriveled, browned, broken stems and blades of grass are restored to their green, vibrant glory and bright blooms return to color the landscape.

It’s symbolic of the kind of transformation you can experience when you give sedation a try and allow it to change the way you see dental appointments from this point on. After just one successful procedure, your anxiety before each visit will slowly dissipate until you realize how easy dental treatment can be and how amazing it feels to have a healthy, fantastic smile again!

Let us help you feel more comfortable at the dentist office. Call Duvall Dental Center in Duvall, WA today at (425) 788-2626 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.