Fix All Kinds of Dental Damage With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Duvall

No matter what kind of dental damage you’ve suffered, there is a good chance our dentists can fix it with dental crowns and bridges in Duvall. Two of our most versatile dental restorations, they can repair everything from a broken tooth to a missing one.

A dental crown can:

  • Replace a missing tooth, when combined with a dental implant or a dental bridge.
  • Seal a tooth that has been repaired with a root canal.
  • Cover cosmetic flaws like stained teeth.
  • Mend a severely decayed tooth.
  • Keep the structure of a damaged tooth intact so it won’t need to be extracted.
  • Protect your tooth from further damage.

To repair your damaged tooth with a durable dental crown, call 425-549-4668.

Dental Technology Ensures You Get a Great-Looking Restoration

Zirconia is a material that withstands great chewing force and lasts for many years, thanks to its strength. However, it doesn’t look as much like natural tooth enamel as some other materials, like porcelain. We use a kind of zirconia called ZMAX that successfully combines strength with natural appearance. You’ll get a highly durable restoration that blends easily into your smile.

In addition to the latest dental materials, we also use some of the latest technology. For instance, we quickly and comfortably take impressions of your teeth with our digital scanner instead of filling your mouth with messy goo.

Combine Crowns & Bridges With Dental Implants For Better Oral Health

Whenever possible, we recommend combining dental restorations with a dental implant. Since they stimulate your jaw much like natural tooth roots when you chew, implants help prevent the jawbone from shrinking. You’ll enjoy better oral health and a younger-looking appearance. A traditional dental bridge is supported by dental crowns that are attached to healthy teeth. We can attach a bridge to implants instead to preserve your existing tooth structure.

Our dentists have extensive training with dental implants, so they can help you determine if you can combine them with dental crowns and bridges in Duvall. Call 425-549-4668 to schedule a consultation to find out which restorations are right for you.

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