Over time, foods and beverages, smoking, health issues, and even the aging process can all leave our teeth with a dull gray or yellow appearance. However, we have an effective and convenient cosmetic solution for you – Duvall teeth whitening! Duvall Dental Center’s whitening treatment can:

  • Give you a whiter, brighter smile in minutes – not weeks.
  • Boost your confidence to socialize and mingle.
  • Eliminate embarrassing romantic moments caused by stained, dingy teeth.
  • Improve your overall sense of self-worth.
  • Give you a healthier, younger-looking appearance.

Call Dr. Tyler and his team today to make an appointment. We’re located at 14703 First Lane NE, Suite 203 – around the corner from Longevity Foods.

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Whiten your teeth on your terms

For the quickest and most dramatic results, you’ll want to opt for in-office teeth whitening. Using the safe and reliable Zoom system, you can achieve teeth that are up to eight shades whiter in under an hour. No store-bought whitening kit can compare to that!

If you have a special event coming up, dazzle them with a new smile. Watch heads turn as you walk in and light up the room!

If time is not a factor, or if you just want to whiten your teeth on your own schedule, then our take-home whitening treatment gives you more flexibility. With the Philips NiteWhite system, you’ll get custom whitening trays you can use while reading, watching TV, or even while sleeping.

Although not as quick as Zoom whitening, the NiteWhite system is far superior to over-the-counter kits and strips. Plus, you’ll have access to our friendly staff if you have any questions or concerns about the teeth whitening process.

Enjoy a radiant smile with Duvall teeth whitening. Call us today at (425) 788-2626 to schedule an appointment. Don’t put off seeing a bright smile in the mirror!