Tooth extractions have come a long way from the old days when the patient was told to just “grin and bear it.” Today, tooth removal in Duvall means comfortable, skilled care and many options for tooth replacement. At Duvall Dental Center, a tooth extraction from Dr. Tyler will:

  • Protect your healthy teeth and gums from potential damage.
  • Stop your pain and help you feel better.
  • Pave the way for a dental implant to replace the tooth and make the healing process more comfortable.

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Sedation makes for a relaxing tooth extraction

No one wants to have a tooth removed, and we’d rather not do it if possible. Our dentist will always try to save your diseased or damaged tooth, but if removal is necessary, we offer you several forms of sedation that will make the process as comfortable as possible. Your sedation options include:

  • Laughing gas, or inhaled sedation, that will give you a warm and gentle feeling of euphoria.
  • Oral conscious sedation that will make you very relaxed and a little groggy. You’ll take a small pill before your appointment.
  • IV sedation where you’ll be in a dream-like state and remember little if anything about your appointment afterward.
  • General anesthesia for our deepest sedation. You’ll be completely unaware of the sights, sounds, and smells of your procedure and have no memory of your procedure afterward.

We remove wisdom teeth, too

Many residents in the valley come to us for help with their wisdom teeth, or third molars. We offer them – and you – skilled, compassionate care close to home. There’s no need to travel to another dentist office far away when we can expertly remove your wisdom teeth right here.

If you think you may have trouble with your wisdom teeth, we’ll examine you thoroughly and, in some cases, use advanced tools like 3-D imaging to assess your situation. Your treatment will be accurate, and we’ll make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

When you need tooth removal in Duvall, rely on our skilled team. Call us today at (425) 788-2626 to schedule an appointment.