Is your smile ready for fall?

You don’t have long before this busy social season will start to pack your schedule, and the last thing you want to worry about is how to hide embarrassing problems with your teeth and gums.

Our team at Duvall Dental Center is here to help you!

Give Your Smile A Cosmetic Upgrade This Fall!

Here are three great reasons to get started on Duvall cosmetic dentistry to upgrade your smile for the new season:


One benefit of cosmetic dentistry you might find surprising is that you’re guaranteed a healthier smile because of it.

That’s because we wouldn’t begin cosmetic treatment until we cleared your mouth of any problems. We will check for signs of tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. If you have any old or failing dental restorations, we will evaluate those, as well.

You’ll be able to first address any of those issues with your oral health so that your cosmetic treatment isn’t wasted on teeth and gums that will just need restorative work down the road.

After your cosmetic procedure, you can also have peace of mind moving forward because teeth that are straight, nicely-aligned, and free of dental damage are easier to keep clean and healthy!


How do you typically spend your free time during the fall season?

If you’re like many people, you might find yourself tailgating or hosting casual get-togethers to watch football games. Maybe it’s a time for Saturday night bonfires or Sunday afternoon hayrides.

You might even have received a wedding invitation or two already.

The point is, it’s a busy time of year for socializing, and no matter how formal or informal, you’ll want to feel confident about your smile for the occasion.

That’s where cosmetic dentistry can help! We can correct flaws with the shape, size, color, and surface of your teeth so your smile always looks healthy, bright, and beautiful.


It won’t be long before everyone will be getting all decked out for the holidays.

If ever there were a time where you want to look your best, it’s during the most festive social season of the entire year. Gathering with co-workers for the annual office Christmas party, catching up with relatives at your family’s Christmas dinner, and getting together with your nearest and dearest to ring in the New Year… we don’t have to remind you what it feels like to endure these situations feeling insecure about your teeth.

You can’t have fun if you’re anxious about having your picture taken or about hiding your smile when you’re around people you care about.

Upgrading your smile now will allow you to relax about how you look and feel completely comfortable so you can be more present and enjoy making memories.

Schedule A Consultation!

This is the perfect time to get started on cosmetic dentistry. It’s just before the busy social season starts to pull us in all sorts of directions.

You should be able to relax and enjoy yourself, and a glamorous, bright smile can help you do that.

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