Complimentary Virtual Consult

Your health and your time are two of your most valuable assets, which is why Duvall Dental Center is proud to offer complimentary virtual consults. Most people with a dental health concern have the same three questions.

  • What can I do?
  • Who can I trust?
  • How much will this cost?

In the past, many people would have had to schedule multiple appointments to get the answers to their questions. At Duvall Dental Center, we like to do things a little differently. Discover the possibilities and get answers from the comfort of your own home.

Upload a smile photo or area of concern.

We will create a personalized video with recommendations

View your video and schedule an appointment.

Discover the possibilities the most convenient way possible

If you’re wondering what options you have to improve your smile’s appearance, a virtual consult can quickly answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you understand what’s possible for your smile through cosmetic or restorative treatments.

A virtual initial consult has two simple steps:

  1. Smile Selfie: From our online virtual consult platform, you’ll be prompted to upload a close-up selfie of your smile and share any questions, concerns, or desires you may have about it.
  2. Video Consult: After carefully reviewing your photo, goals, and information, Dr. Tyler will record a video consultation that addresses your questions and concerns and offers personalized recommendations for how you can transform your smile’s appearance.

The Next Step

Once you’ve received your video consultation with Dr. Tyler and reviewed the recommendations, you can take the next step toward making your smile goals a reality by scheduling an in-office treatment consultation. Dr. Tyler will use this opportunity to gather more clinical information and make a final assessment.

Committing to Restoring Your Dental Health

Seeing your smile transform through cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments is a satisfying, and an even life-changing, experience.

Along with happily sparing you an extra office visit, Dr. Tyler is honored to join you in celebrating that success by addressing any questions or concerns you may have during a live virtual final consultation in the weeks following treatment. Choosing to commit to the smile you want is a process, and we’re here to walk alongside you every step of the way.