Treat and restore your entire smile.

Have you ever noticed that some problems are best solved by taking a step back to see the full issue, then approaching it from multiple angles? This method is particularly effective when you’re facing big or complex problems, and it applies just as well to oral health issues. After all, oral health can be surprisingly complex and plays vital roles in our daily lives, so it’s important to address every aspect of our oral health without losing sight of the big picture. Taking a step back to look at the health and appearance of your smile as a whole to get a better sense of each individual solution as part of a bigger solution can lead to a cohesive treatment plan, such as a dental restoration, that gives you the best results possible.

A full mouth dental restoration does this by combining the best of restorative and cosmetic dentistry to simultaneously rebuild or replace all or most of your teeth. This doesn’t just resolve individual oral health problems; it restores your entire smile’s health, function, and confidence. But what are your dental restoration options? Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from the process and which treatments may be able to help you.

Your treatment plan will be as unique as you are.

When it’s necessary, a full mouth dental restoration is a vital part of restoring the health and function of your teeth and gums, but because it impacts the appearance of your smile as well as its health, it’s also a very personal process. You and your smile are both completely unique; no one else in the world is just like you or has a smile just like yours! At Duvall Dental, we believe your treatment plan should be just as unique as you are, so our team will work to design a treatment that’s specifically for you. This ensures that your treatment plan meets all of your needs and wants in the way that works best for the issues you’re facing while helping you maintain the uniqueness of your smile.

As a result, a full mouth restoration looks different for everyone. Exactly what your treatment will involve depends upon your unique needs and goals as well as which treatments you choose along the way. A full mouth restoration uses a wide range of treatments, however, so you’re sure to find the treatment options that will work together to restore the health, function, and appearance of your teeth and gums.

Flexible treatment options help you resolve a wide range of dental issues.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Tyler, you’ll go over your treatment needs and goals as well as your options to resolve each one. We want you to feel confident about your decisions, so don’t be afraid to ask questions! There are many treatments you can choose from to resolve your dental issues, but veneers and dental crowns are two of the most common, long-lasting, and versatile solutions.

Veneers are thin sheets of porcelain that are placed on the surface of your teeth to change their size, shape, or shade. They’re often used to restore teeth that are permanently stained, chipped, cracked, irregularly shaped, or slightly crooked, but they can also close small gaps between teeth and relieve tooth sensitivity from enamel erosion. Veneers are custom-made for you and placed on teeth individually, so you can get a single veneer or multiple, making it easy to adapt them to your unique needs!

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped restorations that are often placed over teeth that have suffered severe damage from an injury or decay. They can also be placed on weak, severely worn, or misshapen teeth to restore their health, function, and appearance while protecting them in the long term. Just like veneers, dental crowns are designed and milled just for you, so you can adjust the size, shape, and shade of your crown to your liking. This process also ensures that it fits perfectly, so it will look and feel just like a natural tooth. With proper oral hygiene, dental crowns are durable enough to last 15 to 20 years or more.

Dental implants can restore missing or severely damaged teeth.

Our teeth play a functional role in our oral health and our ability to eat and speak as well as in our social lives and the way we perceive ourselves. As a result, losing a tooth can impact the function and long-term health of your teeth as well as your confidence in your smile, but with modern restorative dentistry, it doesn’t have to! If you’re missing one or more teeth or have teeth that need to be extracted as part of your full mouth restoration, dental implants are often your best tooth replacement option. They’re capable of restoring and protecting the function, health, and appearance of your teeth in ways other tooth replacement options can’t, and they have the potential to last a lifetime!

Dental implants are titanium metal rods that are embedded into your jaw to mimic a natural tooth root. Once in place, a single implant is topped with a dental crown to replace one missing tooth, but multiple implants can replace several missing teeth when they’re fitted with a bridge or partial denture. Dental implants can even be fitted with full dentures to replace all of the teeth in your mouth. The restoration capping your implant is custom-made for you, so you can choose the size, shape, and shade of your new tooth. More importantly, implants are the only tooth replacement option that prevents bone loss in your jaw by stimulating the bone just like natural tooth roots do. They also provide the stability of natural teeth, which allows you to eat completely normally, whether you have a single implant or implant-supported dentures.

Thankfully, Duvall Dental Center is one of the best places to get dental implants. Dr. Tyler is a Kois-trained dentist and has over 700 hours of implant training, so you can rest assured that your treatment is in capable, experienced hands.

You’ll work with your dentist to design your new smile.

Since a full mouth restoration involves performing dental work on nearly all of your teeth and are often used to address a wide range of oral health issues, you may need a mix of minor and major dental procedures during your treatment. It’s not unusual for patients to get a crown and veneers or dental bonding as well as an implant or two. It’s this versatility and the ability to create a unique treatment plan that helps you receive the best possible treatment. Dr. Tyler works to make sure that each of these individual treatments works together to create a healthy, naturally beautiful smile.

A major part of designing  a beautiful smile is including you in the process. After all, it’s important that you love your new smile, so we want you to be involved from start to finish! Once you’ve chosen which treatments are best for restoring the health and function of your smile, you’ll work with Dr. Tyler to choose the size, shape, and shade of your new teeth. If you’re struggling to imagine what your new smile will look like on you, don’t worry! During a simple procedure called a Smile Test Drive, Dr. Tyler will sculpt resin onto your teeth to give them the size and shape of your proposed smile. This gives you the chance to see it on you, ask questions, and make any changes before your restorations are made and placed. You can even go home with the resin on your teeth, giving you time to take pictures and ask your friends and family for opinions. Later that day, you can simply peel the resin off at home. This entire process helps ensure that you receive the smile you’ve always dreamed of having, a smile you’ll love to confidently share with others!

Full mouth restorations resolve even complex oral health issues by approaching your treatment from multiple angles. Instead of being treated as separate procedures, however, these solutions are part of a whole, all coming together to create a beautiful, functional, and healthy smile. If you’d like to learn more about how a full mouth restoration could help you, feel free to call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Tyler at any time.