5 Benefits of Receiving a Full Arch of Dental Implants

When dealing with full or partial dentures, patients often wonder what it would take to improve their dental situation. There are many benefits to replacing an entire arch of teeth through dental implants, though of course, a better-looking smile is at the top of the list. That said, full arch implants can give you the smile you have been missing, and they look and work just as good as your natural teeth. If you have been thinking about a new smile and currently have dentures, then it is only natural to wonder if dental implants are right for you. So, if implants are a consideration, then be sure to consider the following benefits of getting a full arch of implants at one time.

1. Cost-Effective

Getting a full arch of dental implants is far more cost-effective than getting just one or two at a time. When you get a full arch at one time, you can save yourself multiple trips to the dentist. If you are considering a full upper maxillary tooth replacement or a lower mandibular tooth replacement, you will benefit from fewer trips, and you’ll save on overall dental costs too.

2. Durable

Full arch dental implants typically last for five to 15 years, and some can last for far longer. So, when you get it all done at one time, you are less likely to have to return here and there to repair one tooth at a time. And in some cases, you can get your entire arch implanted during the same visit.

3. Faster Healing Time

In addition to saving time, you will also find that your healing time will be greatly reduced. With each visit and an implant here or there, you will have to go through a new healing process. But with a full arch, you will accelerate your overall healing, and your dentist will provide you with pain medications to ensure maximum comfort during the healing process.

4. More Comfortable

Full arch implants have excellent stability and comfort, especially when compared to traditional dentures. Biting and chewing will be far easier and will feel similar to how it did with your natural teeth.

5. Improve Health of Jawbone

A full arch of dental implants will improve the health of your jaw. As you lose your natural teeth, the underlying jawbone degrades where the teeth used to be. Once your full arch of implants is in place, the implanted teeth connect to your upper and lower jawbones, just like your natural teeth did. With a healthier jawbone, you will have a more robust facial profile, and you will look younger too.

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You likely have many questions about dental implants, even after reading about the many benefits you can experience with receiving a full arch of teeth at once. And one of your biggest questions might be, “How much do implants cost?” Many factors go into the overall price, and as such, patients are encouraged to look into cosmetic dental procedure coverage, which may cover a portion of the dental implant treatment no matter the cost. The best way to determine the price and your candidacy for dental implants is by meeting with Dr. Tyler.

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