Here’s what some of our patients have to say about Duvall Dental Center.

The American Dental Association shows that 42% of people in the US do not see a dentist as often as they would like. One thing that can make it easier to visit the dentist is finding a dentist you absolutely love. Do you want to learn more about why our patients love Duvall Dental Center? Keep reading this article to read some testimonials and reviews, learn more about each of our dental services, and see the benefits of choosing Duvall Family Dental for your oral care needs.

Great Dental Emergency Response

A dental emergency can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. And if you’ve ever experienced an emergency like this, you know how important it is to find a dentist who can help you find the best solutions to repair your teeth. Making sure you are comfortable during a dental emergency is a top priority for our team.

“After I compared other advertised implant dentists in the Seattle area, Dr. Tyler offered a competitive, professional, and attractive solution to replacing my accidentally broken front teeth. It would be difficult to find a more caring, accommodating, and competent dentist. The same can be said for his staff.”

We are so glad we could be there for you during your dental emergency! We always strive to be there for our patients when they need us most.

Several Services Available

Another thing that makes a dentist stand out above the rest is the services they offer. As a patient, you want to be sure they offer several services that fit most of your needs.

For example, other than general dentistry, our office specializes in cosmetic dentistry as well as dental implants. Dr. Tyler has done hundreds of hours of training in dental implants and other types of cosmetic dentistry.

Our advanced smile makeovers not only help improve the confidence of our patients but also improves their overall health. Because your oral health affects so much of your overall health, repairing a misaligned bite and resolving tooth decay can make a huge impact on our patients.

We are grateful we get to help patients with their oral health needs, whether they want an improved smile aesthetic or need preventive dental care.

Smile Test Drive

Improving your smile can be a huge investment. To make sure you get the most out of it, you want to be sure you will be happy with the results. To help with this, our office offers smile test drives.

If you want to get veneers on your teeth, our dentists can temporarily place resin on your teeth to give you an idea of what the results would look like. This will allow you to see whether or not your desired treatment will improve the appearance of your smile before you choose to make the investment for your treatment.

During your test drive, you can ask Dr. Tyler any questions you have about the process, and he will take the time to ease your concerns. Because our team cares so much about our patients, we will do anything we can to help them feel beautiful in their skin!

Considerate of Patients

“Dr. Tyler and his team are exceptional. I cracked a crown and he came in early and got me in so he could fix it. Highly recommend!!!”

When you are visiting a dentist, you want to be sure they are aware and considerate of your needs as their patient. We’re so glad this patient feels like we are hitting the mark with this characteristic, and we’re happy they recommend us for considerate dental care that is tailored to each individual’s specific needs.

If you have any extra needs or desire additional accommodations while you are working with our team, we will do our best to provide them for you. Be sure to talk with our dentist before your appointment to see how we can help!

Prioritizes Continuing Education and Improved Technology

“This is an excellent dental practice with friendly, knowledgeable dentists, hygienists, and staff.  Dr. Tyler’s practice features state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. Thank you for making each visit to the dentist a pleasant one!”

Because Dr. Tyler cares so much about patients, he will do whatever he can to offer the best and latest solutions for them. In fact, Dr. Tyler has completed over 1,000 hours of continuing education so far throughout his career. About 700 of those hours have been focused on dental implants training.

By spending countless hours learning more about dentistry and improving the office’s technology, our team is committed to giving you the best service possible.

Friendly Team

“Dr. Tyler and staff are awesome! I have anxiety and they all eased me through my filling today, making me calm and making sure every step of the way I was OK! I cannot say enough good things about this practice!”

Having a friendly dental team makes a huge difference when you are getting dental work done, especially if you experience any type of dental anxiety. When you visit our beautiful office, we hope you will feel just as welcomed as this patient did.

We’re so thankful for patients who love our team as much as we do!

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