Discovering the power behind your smile.

When it comes to first impressions, there are few forces more powerful than your smile. One study by the AACD found that 48% of Americans consider someone’s smile to be the feature they remember the most when they meet someone new. In comparison, 25% of people selected the first thing a new acquaintance said as the most memorable quality about them and only 9% selected clothing. The power of your smile goes far beyond initial impressions, however, as it can have an impact on the way others perceive you in the long-term as well.

As a result, your smile is a subtle but surprisingly powerful tool for your career! After all, you’ll sound a lot more confident presenting an idea at work if you accompany it with a winning smile. This is true whether you’re working from home or in an office, but it becomes even more crucial when you’re working from home and carrying out meetings through video chat. Without body language to fall back on, facial expressions like smiling play an even bigger role in our nonverbal communication with coworkers. Thankfully, the keys to a winning smile are never out of reach thanks to modern dentistry techniques! Here are a few work-from-home tips that will help you improve your smile.

Take the chance to improve your smile now.

One of the main benefits of working remotely is that you generally have a much more flexible schedule than you’d have otherwise. This flexibility provides you with a rare opportunity to schedule dental checkups and procedures without worrying about missing work, having to leave early, or still needing to go into the office after undergoing a procedure. Our staff at Duval Dental Center will work with your work-from-home schedule to find the day and time for your appointment that works best for you. You’ll have more wiggle room to schedule a checkup or procedure on a day that really works for you, allowing you to take the time to rest, stay in your pajamas, and reward yourself after undergoing a dental procedure. Even if you decide to work after a procedure, you’ll be a lot more comfortable doing so from home! These factors make the time that you’re working from home the perfect chance to improve your smile so that it’s healthy and beautiful—a smile you can feel truly confident in!

Get a professional whitening treatment to improve your smile.

Coffee is a delicious—and often necessary—way to start your day when you need to wake up early, but it’s one of several foods and drinks that can stain your teeth over time. Staining is caused by habits like smoking and other forms of tobacco use, but it’s also simply a natural part of the aging process. The good news is that most types of stains on your teeth can be removed using professional whitening treatments. These treatments are quick, easy, and significantly more effective than over-the-counter whitening kits. They use a concentrated whitening gel, a customized dental tray that ensures the gel reaches all the nooks and crannies in your smile, and a specialized light to whiten your teeth by multiple shades in just a single, hour-long appointment.

You can even work with Dr. Tyler to select the ideal shade for your teeth and plan your treatment accordingly, ensuring that you’ll love your results. Despite how simple and easy the treatment is, it can make a huge difference in the way your smile looks, completely revitalizing it. Plus, if you commit to adjusting a few habits, using a whitening toothpaste, and getting yearly touch-up treatments, your smile can stay beautifully white long-term. You may even find yourself grinning more often simply because you love the way your smile looks!

Schedule restorative dentistry procedures.

Restorative dentistry can renew your oral health, restore the function of your teeth, and revitalize the appearance of your smile. These procedures’ impact on your oral health is often long-lasting, actively helping to prevent future oral health issues. For example, dental crowns protect severely damaged teeth, helping to prevent future injury or decay, and dental implants help keep your jaw bone strong and healthy by preventing bone loss. Each dental restoration is custom-made for you, allowing it to blend in with your existing teeth so well that it looks completely natural. This makes restorative dentistry procedures not only incredibly helpful for the daily function and appearance of your teeth, but often vital for your oral health.

Work out a regular oral hygiene routine to improve your smile.

A thorough oral hygiene routine is essential to your smile’s long-term health and appearance. It protects against tooth decay and gum disease and can help keep your teeth from staining, so it’s important to discover an oral hygiene routine that works for you. An effective routine should include brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing daily, and following the directions on your mouthwash to use it either once or twice a day. When you’re constantly on the move, we understand that it can be hard to work out a regular, thorough oral hygiene routine. If you’re working from home, the time you save from commuting to work every day and your more flexible schedule provide you with plenty of time to experiment and find a routine that works for you. Are you better about remembering to floss in the morning or before you go to bed at night? You’ll be able to figure out details like this and cement the routine into a fully formed habit before you go back to working on-site, improving your oral health now and helping you to maintain that improved health long-term.

Taking the time to care for and improve your smile may not seem like one of the ultimate work-from-home tips, but it’s one that has lasting impacts. Not only will it continue to benefit you once you go back to work at the office, but having a healthier smile will improve your overall health as well. Taken together, this can help you gain the energy and confidence you need to help you achieve your goals. If you’d like to begin improving your smile, feel free to call Duvall Dental Center at any time to schedule an appointment.