Sweaty palms, heart palpitations, and butterflies in your stomach.

Are you standing in line at a haunted house on an October night?

No. It’s worse.

You’re about to leave for your dentist appointment!

If going to the dentist is a nightmare for you, let our friendly team at Duvall Dental Center help change the way you experience appointments and get you back in control of your oral health.

Maximize Your Comfort With Dental Sedation!

When you’re really anxious about dental treatment, knowing you’re going to be numb during your procedure does little to calm your nerves. That’s why dental sedation can be so helpful in overcoming your fears that are keeping you from getting the routine care you need for better oral health.

Here are the options available to you in Duvall, WA:


This has been an option for so long, you may have tried it once or twice before as a kid.

Laughing gas is safe for all ages, and you inhale it through a mask just before we get to work. Right away, you’ll begin to feel its effects, and all those nerves you were feeling when you first arrived quickly start to quiet down as it eases you into relaxation.


One of the worst parts about a scheduled dental procedure is the build up!

You might feel queasy in the days before your appointment, and it only gets worse the day of your procedure as the minutes tick by before it’s time to leave.

Oral sedation is a great way to prepare your mind and body for a deeper state of relaxation just in time for your treatment to begin. You would take a prescribed pill before you arrive, making sure you have someone to drive you to and from our practice, and you’ll feel calm and comfortable by the time you lay back in the dental chair!


All those environmental triggers you hate will fade into the background with IV sedation. You’re in a twilight state where you’re not distracted by the sights, sounds, and smells of the dentist office that put many fearful patients on edge.

Many patients even report not being able to recall most, if not all, of the treatment experience. Imagine how much better you’d feel leading up to an appointment if you couldn’t remember the last one!

You can also ask us about general anesthesia if you’re concerned about a more involved, longer dental treatment. It can be helpful if you have difficulty sitting still with your mouth open for an extended period of time. We can safely monitor the level of sedation and make any necessary adjustments to make sure you’re as relaxed as possible.

Schedule An Easy Appointment!

It’s easier to get through a dental procedure when you know you can rely on sedation to make you feel calm and relaxed. Over time, you will start to feel more confident in the days and weeks leading up to your dental appointments.

In fact, you may even come to a point where you don’t need dental sedation at all, or at least not to the extent that you did in the beginning of your journey to getting beyond your fear of the dentist.

Your friendly Duvall dentist is here to help you take control of your oral health, and it starts with an easy, stress-free appointment where we can introduce you to our practice and talk about your fears and concerns and our dental sedation options.

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