Tooth Problems that Make You Look Older

Someone once said the only people who don’t want to look young are the youth. When you’re 30 and grappling with a multitude of responsibilities, worries, and wonderings of what comes next, there’s one thing you can’t leave to chance—your teeth.

People can easily guess your age from the nature and color of your gums and the color, absence, or evenness of your teeth. But, by using innovative dental technology, your dentist can  make you look younger.

Let’s look at common tooth problems that make you look older and the solutions offered at the Duvall Dental Center.

My gums are receding or swollen.

Undoubtedly, receding gums are one of the clearest signs of aging. Even if your dentures are white and evenly spaced, poor health in your gums can really age a smile. A common cause of gum recession is gum disease, which in turn leads to bone loss. And once that happens, you’ll start to notice spaces that look like triangles on your gums.

So what can Dr. Tyler do about all this?

Gum Disease Treatment

Swollen or inflamed gums are often a sign of gum disease. The team at Duvall Dental Center can customize a treatment using techniques like scaling, root planing, and at-home CTx4 fluoride rinses to restore your gum health.

Gum Grafts

A skilled dentist like Dr. Tyler can return your gum line to its natural position with grafting. The procedure involves using laboratory-processed grafting material to replace the lost tissue, which in turn improves the health of your teeth.

Lip Lifts

Most people don’t know this, but it’s really your teeth that hold up your lips. So if your gums recede, your lips will (naturally) lower. Yet you don’t have to incur the astronomical cost of plastic surgery to fix this—a skilled cosmetic dentist can recreate the original shape of your teeth and lift your lips to their natural, youthful position.

My teeth are yellow and stained.

Stop pinching yourself, you’re not imagining it: your teeth are darkening as you get older. Yes, you may be  accelerating the process with habits like smoking as well as drinking wine, coffee, and tea, but your enamel (the translucent outer layer of teeth) naturally thins out over time to reveal the dentin (the yellowish inner layer).

Here’s what you can do to change this.

Professional teeth whitening

If you want a value-for-money solution, teeth whitening is your best bet. The Duvall Dental Center team will first give you a deep cleaning to remove tartar, plaque, and debris, then use a bleaching agent to break down surface stains and give you a brighter, younger-looking smile.

Porcelain Veneers

Alternatively, if your teeth discoloration is mostly because of the dental aging process, then porcelain veneers are a better solution. Dr. Tyler will use thin shells of high-quality dental porcelain, bonding them to the surface of your teeth to correct stains.

My teeth are missing.

Missing teeth in adults is another telltale sign of aging. We mentioned earlier how your teeth hold up the mouth area to prevent sunken cheeks and lips. What you may also not know is that, apart from the cosmetic benefits of more permanent replacement tooth options, you’ll also enjoy a healthy chewing function throughout your life.

Let’s look at what the team at the Duvall Dental Center can do to replace lost teeth.


Dr. Tyler can restore one or several missing teeth using dental implants. The process involves surgically placing a titanium post to replace the lost tooth roots and attaching a zirconia crown to it. If you’ve lost several adjacent teeth, he’ll use an implant-supported bridge to provide a stable foundation that doesn’t affect the surrounding healthy teeth.

Full Arch Rehab

Patients with multiple missing teeth will benefit from the innovative hybridge treatment protocol. This full arch rehab solution is exclusively offered by Dr. Tyler and a select group of highly trained dentists.

The dentists use a system of snaps and balls to securely anchor dentures without the use of adhesives, providing comfortable and stable replacements that are indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

My teeth are chipped or crooked.

It may have been cool not to have a huge metal brace on your teeth as a teenager, but now that decision has come back to bite you right when the wrinkles are settling in and gray hairs are coming out. Don’t let chipped or crooked teeth be just one more thing stacked against you age-wise. The Duvall Dental Center can help you with an orthodontic treatment that’s right for you..


Dental crowns work similarly to veneers but have the added benefit of giving the chipped tooth more structure. Dr. Tyler uses laboratory-synthesised zirconia or E-MAX crowns that not only mirror the color of your natural dentures, but also fit and function like any other tooth.


If your teeth were a police force, then invisalign would be the undercover cops. The translucent aligners straighten teeth on the down low, and after only a year of using them, you’ll see the youthful smile you knew and loved coming back.

Regaining a functional and attractive smile that reflects the age you feel is as easy as reaching out to your Duvall dentist. If you’re ready to explore your options for a healthier, brighter, more-youthful smile, feel free to get in touch for an appointment. We can’t wait to help you achieve your smile goals.