You may be surprised at the many choices for dentures in Duvall, WA that you’ll find at our practice. Even though they are a popular way of replacing teeth, many dentists only offer one or two dentures options. To ensure you’ll be happy with your new teeth, we offer:

  • Conventional dentures, full and partial
  • Dental implant dentures
  • Replacement teeth made with the innovative Turbyfill denture technique

Our dentists have advanced training and hands-on experience working with many kinds of replacement teeth, so they can help you select the ones that will work best for your smile. Call (425) 788-2626 to schedule a consultation.

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Turbyfill dentures fit better than conventional dentures

We use an innovative process called the Turbyfill technique to make replacement teeth that fit better than conventional dentures. The technique’s two key differences:

  • We take impressions of your teeth while your mouth is in motion – talking, chewing, smiling, and eating. This results in a fit so good you likely won’t even need adhesive to keep your teeth in place.
  • You wear a “trial” denture that enables us to correct any problems before your final dentures are produced. This ensures you are happy with the feel and appearance. You’re less likely to experience sore spots, clicking dentures, or other issues associated with a less-than-perfect fit.

Thanks to the better fit of Turbyfill dentures, you can experience many of the same benefits enjoyed by those who wear dental implant dentures – but with no implant placement procedure required.

Dental implant dentures feel & function like natural teeth

We can also attach replacement teeth to dental implants for a smile that feels and functions much like your own. Implants stimulate your jaw the same way that natural tooth roots do, so you won’t suffer the bone loss that can occur with conventional dentures. Thanks to their advanced training, our dentists can even give you a same-day smile, placing your implants and new teeth all in one day.

To see which dentures in Duvall, WA are right for you, call (425) 788-2626.